JANUARY WAS INSANITY!!!! It has been a few months since i’ve updated the going ons in the world of :::Pandemic::: west-coasting-running-mix whether you were there or not you are probably still feeling the effects of last months party.  WOW is the only real way to describe it.  People were totally out of control, more soContinue reading “JANUARY WAS INSANITY”


I Recently stumbled through the internets and found this track. Its the perfect mix of hip hop, french accordion music, and fun. I am looking forward to playing this one at the upcoming gigs on…. July 15 @ Space Gallery, July 21 @ Carnegie Museum, and PANDEMIC AUGUST 12 (thats right, second friday cause brilloboxContinue reading “Krokodil”

first mix uploaded to soundcloud

PANDEMIC MAY 2011 MIX So i have slowly been learning how to use my new mixer/setup.  Tonight i put together a little mix to highlight some of the tracks i’m looking forward to playing this friday at PANDEMIC w/ sp guests:::LUNGS FACE FEET http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lungs-Face-Feet/178045782211447 i can’t stop listening to AMANAZ and an old favorite FIKRETContinue reading “first mix uploaded to soundcloud”


máscaras… I almost bought this last week. MY PLAYLIST FOR THE MARATHON WEEKEND… Neither of these albums will make you want to run a marathon, but both are great buys that you will listen to over and over. MARIJATA LP is a great find. It’s perfect for an overcast day w/ lots of little choresContinue reading “MY PLAYLIST FOR THE MARATHON WEEKEND”

MAY DAY MAY DAY i am about to crash and burn (physically)

I am sooooo tired, but thought i’d give anyone who cares some updates….. I am djin a couple times this month at art openings/events etc… Thurs MAY 19 @ culture club @ Carnegie Museum Thurs MAY 26 @ Warhol (an all Balkan Set) for a Tarot Card show opening w/ Huck Finn (djing a sportsContinue reading “MAY DAY MAY DAY i am about to crash and burn (physically)”

WELCOME WELCOME (it’s time to organize)

PANDEMIC NEWS:::: Hello everyone and welcome to the PANDEMIC blog.  I’m not one for words but I told myself that I would start a blog posting reviews and links on the music i find. I apologize in advance for the lack of content right now. I’m working on it. I have what feels like aContinue reading “WELCOME WELCOME (it’s time to organize)”