With Pittonkatonk behind us now we move forward with an insane spring/summer of events. Just about every week there is something to enjoy.

PANDEMICMIDMAY14 copyMid Month Mayhem has some fun local guests like DJ SOY SOS playing chopped up tropical jams with his own percussion and samples. As well as DJ MISS MUNGO and her eclectic array of vintage  psychedelic boogaloo, turkish funk, and more.  with resident PANDEMIC PETE keeping the Bhangra, Balkan, and Chalga flowing thru the party.


then heavy hitters PITCHBLAK Brass Band from Brooklyn will be stopping buy on MAY 31 at the BRILLOBOX



this is co presented w/ music night on jupiter.


and this weekend.. PYROTOPIA at the Pump House in Homestead.



Full Artist Line-Up
(Schedule to be announced)
Emcees | Phat Man Dee & Andrew the Impaled
DJ | Pandemic Pete
Phoenix Fire | Fire Performance Group (Indianapolis)
Dakini Circus | Acrobatic Fire Performance (Detroit)
Airhart Circus| Arial Acrobatics (PGH)
Kiyla Kitty | Fire Performance + Hooping (PGH)
Tesla Coil | Music/Game/Art (PGH)
Katy Perry the Unicorn | Performance Art/Game (NYC)
Cacophony Engine | Performance Art/Game (NYC)
Riskee Ball | Performance Art/Game (Toronto)
Inflatoangels | Light/Robotic Art (Detroit)
Lake in a Box | Fire/Water Art (Detroit)
Fire Bulb | Fire Art (Boston)
Toxic Bloom | Fire Art (Boston)
Flaming Simon | Fire Game (PGH)
Lungs Face Feet | Band (PGH)
Sterling Yoga | LED Performance (PGH)
Victoria Kerestes | Fire Performance (PGH)
VFI Fireworks | Firework Display (PGH)

Bigger, better, hotter and not to be missed!
For complete festival info, visit www.Pyrotopia.net.

Find Pyrotopia on Facebook at www.facebook.com/pyrotopia
Follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/pyrotopia

and starting JUNE 7 “NO MAMES” a new night by PANDEMIC at the ROUND CORNER CANTINA




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