Moving on… A Holiday Spectacle and more


It’s a few days before Xmas and all thru the tahn,
A few yinzers were stirring as this party goes dahn.

Up on the stage, the Beagle Brothers to hear,
Then JMalls and Pandemic will make you shake your rear.

I’ve decided to forgo the mid-month Pandemic party and ask a few friends to throw down holiday-style. That’s no typo, this is not a conventional holiday spectacular. I’m not promising a kickline and Santa most likely won’t make an appearance.

A Holiday Spectacle

The Beagle Brothes

Get down to some holiday Funk and Soul with
DJ Jay Malls
some Balkan Gypsy Polka Stompers with Pandemic Pete.

@ Brillobox
4104 Penn Ave


Cookies trays, ridiculous xmas decor and other holiday bullshit. Additional special guests may make an appearance.

More info to come.


and JAN 3rd PANDEMIC is Back at brillo in full force…



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