8 Year Celebration updates


December 6, 2013 PANDEMIC will turn 8years old. There will be celebrations!!!! yes celebrationS! plural.  Ive decided to use multiple venues. I’m pretty damn excited. Details below….  Also I am going thru my old mix tapes. Every year I release a new mixtape for the anniversary party. This year I’m working on a new one, but also going to be releasing them as a download on Soundcloud….

ENJOY THESE OLD MIXES from 5 years ago.

The celebration for Pandemic 8 year celebration comes in 3 parts.  We are going to utilize multiple venues during the Penn Ave “Unblurred” event including Most Wanted Fine Art, Assemble, and the Brillobox.

This event will include 20 local artists painting hand cast “Matryoshka” Dolls or Russian Nesting Dolls.  Artists include…
Mike Budai
Tommy Budjanec
Thommy Conroy
Gabe Felice
Kati Zmetkowski
Nathan Mould
Jen Cooney
Masha Mousebones Vereshenko
Lou Ickis
Tommy Bones
Jacob White
Britta Walker
Holland Williams
Mark Barill
Terry Barill
Daniel Minskey
Nix Muse
Jennifer Howison
Ashley Brickman
Sandy Spynda (pandemic’s mom)
and more.
These will be sold via silent art auction that will open and close during the “Unblurred” event on Dec 6.  Proceeds from the sales will go to European Roma Rights Centre.
Also on sale will be posters from the past 8 years of Pandemic…
Also on display and for sale will be posters from the last 8 years of parties. They will be sold for $10 a piece and proceeds will benefit the ERRC as well.
@ Assemble
extra cast nesting dolls will be available to paint as a make and take project during the unblurred event.
then the “Danceparty” at the BRILLOBOX
PANDEMIC celebrates
4104 Penn Ave
and mystery guest TBA…
$7-10 sliding scale

Matryoshka, music & printed matter: PANDEMIC turns 8

DECEMBER 6, 5 P.M. – 2 A.M.

Why you should go: Where can you paint your own Russian nesting doll, bid on local art and dance your heart out all on one street? Pandemic, one of Pittsburgh’s top dance parties, is marking eight years of music, sweat and vodka with a triple-header birthday bash on Friday, December 6th.

Spearheaded by Pittsburgh-based DJ, musician and event producer Pete Spynda, Pandemic turns the energy up a notch on its monthly dance party with celebration events spanning three East End venues. Coinciding with the holiday edition of Unblurred, the popular first Friday gallery crawl along the Penn Avenue arts district, Pandemic is hosting a benefit art auction, matryoshka doll painting activities and an anniversary dance party.

Kick off Friday’s festivities at Most Wanted Fine Art, where Pandemic is presenting an exhibition and benefit auction featuring Russian nesting dolls (matryoshka) and limited-edition posters. Featured will be nesting dolls painted by 20-plus local artists, including Mike Budai, Thommy Conroy, Gabe Felice, Jen Cooney, Masha Mousebones Vereshenko, Ashley Brickman, Jennifer J Howison and more. Dolls will be sold during a silent auction from 5 to 9 p.m.

Also on display and for sale for $5 to $10 will be eye-catching archival posters from Pandemic’s eight-year legacy in the Burgh. The free event will also feature music by University of Pittsburgh’s Carpathian Ensemble. Proceeds will support the European Roma Rights Centre, based in Budapest. Next pop into nearby Assemble to paint your own matryoshka using materials provided by the community-based art and tech space.

When you’re ready to move, head further down Penn Ave. to Brillobox for the night’s culminating dance party, as Pandemic ushers in the next eight years of electric music from around the planet. Expect five hours (9 p.m. to 2 a.m.) of Pandemic’s signature mix of everything from gypsy brass and reggaeton, to chalga and Turkish psych, along with special guests DJ Juan Diego VII and the Mayday Marching Band.

Wed Nov 20, 2013RAYA BRASS BAND
4104 Penn Ave
15224$10here is a link of RAYA PLAYING A POOL PARTY..
“This Brooklyn collective gleefully upends traditional wedding music of the Balkans and Greece, undercutting regional reeds and brass with decidedly American funk pulse.”—New York Times

“Watch as five people conjure a massive party around them. Then see if you can resist the temptation to get up and start dancing. It’s pretty unlikely.”—Pop Matters

“The wild … stylings of this band invoked such a frenzy that several people questioned their own existence after their own souls leapt from their body and danced right out in front of them.”—What Weekly, Baltimore

“A wild ride of genre blending that doesn’t call it a night just because the sun is coming up.”Midwest Record

“Unhinged energy and dizzying skill.”—New York Daily News

You might catch them wailing mid-span on the Brooklyn Bridge under a full moon. Or making partiers on a Bushwick rooftop dance so hard that the roof bounces. Raya Brass Band bursts with a frenetic joie de vivre that powers the high-energy party. Digging into black-market compilations, Eastern European carnival traditions and their own eclectic musical pasts (New Orleans brass, punk, out jazz), Raya Brass Band has the chops to match their irrational exuberance.

On a side note…. I’m also putting together a festival of Brass… Similar to the likes of this video… Indie GoGo campaign about to be dropped on ya.  Feel free to kick in a few shekels.


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