Pandemic is teaming up with Jemeena Bellydance in presenting this twisted and tangled bellydance dance party entitled…The Shattered Shaabi HaflaPandemic Dj Sound System spins a hybrid of contemporary and traditional folk and dance music from around the world. Down and dirty Bulgarian Chalga, Gypsy Beats, Indian Bhangra, Middle Eastern Dabke, Peruvian Chicha, Afro Colombian Cumbia, Afrobeats, Trinidadian Carnival, Brazilian Funk, and much more DRINKING DANCINC STOMPING AND YELLING…Tonight Pandemic has the pleaseure of working with live dancers in the mix. But come prepared to dance, because this isn’t a bellydance performance like you have ever experienced before. This one gets interactive. Dancers performing include…Jennifer Senn of Khafif, Carolina Loyola-Garcia, Maria Hamer, Joanna Abel, Olivia Kissel, Christine Andrews, Berna, Janim, Anjali Sol, and Jennifer Marino (of Jemeena Bellydance).We are gonna get down and dirty and dirty!!!(Because of the way the month started our 2 monthly parties are a week apart. We are trying to fix this little kink).





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