Onward and Upward!!!

With last weeks 7 Year Anniversary Bash behind us, I would just like to again thank EVERYONE who came out. I do expect to see PANDEMIC shirts around town, so wear them if you got one.  Thanks to Joro for coming in and destroying, the Brillobox for somehow not imploding from the chaos, and to everyone who came out to celebrate this momentous occassion.  I have never done anything as long as I’ve done PANDEMIC, and i don’t plan on slowing down…Actually we are going to be picking things up a bit. Beginning in March we will be doing another night on 3rd Saturdays at Brillo and that will be a rotating themed night. Sometimes we will have live acts, sometimes guest dj’s, sometimes all out chaos…Stay tuned…

For now we have 2 big parties… New Years Eve with the Harlan Twins and PTA. I’ll most likely be playing just before or just after midnight.  Come celebrate 2013 with a jam packed night of crazy…

new years eve brillobox
new years eve brillobox




NEW T SHIRT DESIGNS coming soon and PICS from Dec 7’s Party will be posted over the weekend…


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