Nerding Out!

I recently read The Nerdist Way by Chris Hardwick. I got it as a xmas present and well it might be the best damn present i have received in a long long time (thanks ange).  It is a very inspiring comedic self help book. He doesn’t get preachy with the self help. He uses autobiographical references and offers advice based on his experiences.  The book basically breaks down into 3 sections (mind, body, time) as you work you way through the book you create your own character. Its like setting up a video game,  you give yourself points for identifying your strengths and weaknesses,  achieving personal goals, and identifying obstacles. Along the way Chris gives you motivational tips on how you can set and achieve your goals.  I read it on the plane to Los Angeles and well on the plane ride back I decided to try to get myself together.  I can honestly say I have used these tips and it’s already helped me be more productive and organized. If you haven’t already check out the Nerdist Podcast DO IT! ( ). Nerdist now a hilarious tv show on BBC America and he also hosts the copart to my favorite show (the Walking Dead) The  TALKING DEAD tv show (the walking dead starts this week, I can’t wait).

Ok now to music……

OPA! by La Internacional Sonora Balkanera is a great remix track to check out.


The track Bulibasha by La Caravane Passe featuring Erika Serre and Marko Markovic will not leave my brain.

Bulibasha La Caravane Passe

Also check out this new cumbia album… Piratas y Fichines EP by Super Guachin on the ZZK label (which seems to be endless in their arsenal of new bands)


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