It has been a few months since i’ve updated the going ons in the world of :::Pandemic:::


whether you were there or not you are probably still feeling the effects of last months party.  WOW is the only real way to describe it.  People were totally out of control, more so than usual, which means total winter sadness turned into party madness.

Recently I was in Los Angeles and Guest Dj’ed at the party MALABOMBA (w/ dj’s jason savvy and cat hair, both great dudes with great musics and i grateful to have met them and dropped a guest set at their party). They brought in Novi Malesevski Zurli an amazing Macedonian Zurla player who killed it dropping many of the famous gypsy tunes we know and love with a guest Los Angeles local Tapan player who held it all together.


clubmalabomba’s Channel – YouTube


while is @ Aquarius Records I picked up SHITALA 2 from dj smokestack.  Its a great mix of bollywood classics with a couple great tracks i haven’t heard before as well as r.d. burman and ananda shunkar.

Also got a few tracks from MAKALA from an album called UNEXPECTED TAPAS and one i cant stop listening to called… Nuestro Ayer (Remix) from the album Primer Minestro de la Rumba.

Chacho “Nuestro Ayer (Makala Remix)”

CHACHO Nuestro Ayer (Makala Remix)

got a new Day of the Dead T shirt from a guy they call CHUM www.chumthreads.com

next pandemic party is FRIDAY FEB 3 @ BRILLBOX

event page…



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