MAY DAY MAY DAY i am about to crash and burn (physically)

I am sooooo tired, but thought i’d give anyone who cares some updates…..

I am djin a couple times this month at art openings/events etc…

Thurs MAY 19 @ culture club @ Carnegie Museum

Thurs MAY 26 @ Warhol (an all Balkan Set) for a Tarot Card show opening w/ Huck Finn (djing a sports show opening)


also JULY 30 @ Cantine (still haven’t been) w/ UPROOT ANDY and Ed Um.

Also I am working on a remix but everytime i seem to record it, it seems to rain/thunderstorm and my dog freaks the fuck out and weasels his way under my dresser knocking out my power and i lose everything. but its in the works. it’s a combo of elmayonesa and Azingele Remixed (feat. SK Blinks). hopefully someday i will have the time to finish it. also t shirts in the works and postcards and mix cd also in the process of being released.

in the meantime i am still loving this little clip and wanting to see the entire movie…


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